07 November 2010

A Place Full of Pandas

If you're looking to stock up on panda supplies, Urban Outfitters is the place to go. All this swag was found there today.

Stacked tea cups with hidden panda (as modeled by Maria). For your jewelry or other doodads:

Panda socks to keep your feetsies warm:

Hugging panda salt and peppper shakers for all your spicing needs (this one with a poor, broken hugging-arm):

Panda key cover to differentiate between your house key and someplace way more awesome and full of pandas:

Cozy panda hat (as modeled by Alison):

"100 Facts About Pandas," conveniently placed next to the "Cats are Weird" book:

A glimpse inside, part 1 (poorly aligned photographically): "The incorrect classification of a panda as a nut is why Adolf Hitler, a committed vegetarian, would eat panda meat once a year...":

A glimpse inside, part 2 (not as poorly aligned photographically). Click to zoom in and to check out the photo of RAD OLD PEOPLE/PANDAS:

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