17 August 2009

Panda Loves Ballet

For those of you who don't know about Woot, it's rad. Also dangerous. But mostly rad. Basically, every day at 12:01 am, they post a new deal for something like an EEE PC or a 720p LCD HDTV. And it's only for that day, until whatever they're selling sells out. Jesse got a really good espresso machine for like $200, marked down from like $300-400. Think of how much money we're saving in coffee drinks!

ANYWAY, Woot also has a spinoff site called Shirt.Woot! It is excellent - lots of sizes, lots of awesome designs, and many of the t-shirts are actually available after one day - they don't end the sale like regular Woot does. $10-15/shirt, I think is the general price range. Sooooo worth it.

I was browsing through the shirt archives and stumbled upon this gem of a t-shirt:

If anyone wants to get me a present.... *wink wink*

ALSO we were watching Planet Earth last night and found a tidbit of info for you dedicated panda watchers: the "Mountains" episode has a segment about China's Giant Panda! I've decided that I must be a panda biologist so that I can snuggle cute panda babies. It is destined.

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