22 June 2009

Panda Zine

My co-pandanator and I traveled on Friday to Needles & Pens in the Mission to see our girl-crush aka awesome comic artist Julia Wertz of Fart Party (seriously, go read from the beginning right now). Alas, we were too chicken to say hi because of the glory of her hipsterness and our own shy demeanors, but I did get lucky enough to find a panda hidden among the racks of zines galore.

Doris 24, a zine written by a lady named Cindy, is available from AK Press (support local!), Parcell Press and Microcosm Publishing, as well as at Needles & Pens (16th & Guerrero-ish), for the low low price of $2.00.

Also you can buy Julia's various publications here or at Needles & Pens.

1 comment:

  1. Fart party is amazing! It's just a shame it can be so tough to get it over here in the UK.

    Andrew Culture
    My Zine Distro (CornDog Publishing)
    My button badge/ custom band merch thing


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