28 April 2010

Bento Panda

found by anartis during the process of nutrisci research - this panda must have brightened her day!

19 April 2010

baby panda balls

another find by trevor from img fave.

pestering pandUHs

dear panda correspondent milad sent in a link this morning to lcd soundsystem's music video for their new song "drunk girls." the whole premise is basically the band getting beat up by creepily clothed panda/human hybrids. i'm not sure the point, but here it is:

also, blog friend thepassingstatic has featured drunk girls as well as a couple other leaks from the upcoming album.


14 April 2010

poor pandas. at least there's not an F-.

maria brings our attention to this jezebel article about our poorly rated pandas. the animal review rates animals on the basis of survival instincts and general radditys (real word i made up). on a grading scale of A to F, our pandas scored a very nice F. hopefully it was at least a high F.

legless panda needs help

pandas aren't the only creatures who are endangered. according to this ad, people are just as important as pandas! i thought people were pandas, but maybe i am mistaken?

in any case, animal new york has the full report.

panda appears

in conan o'brien's live show? raddd. some of my friends are going to this, so i hope they are able to snap more panda pix!

thanks to trevor for finding here.

rocking horse panda rocks that horse

via trevor via ffffound. is that the right amount of "f"s.

miniature panda

belly flop!

too cute.

found by trevor via imgfave.

head dive panda

also from trevor but this time from here.

panda pile up!

since i have neglected the internets lately, i have a plethora of pandas to post. first, from our frequent panda correspondent trevor comes this article about red pandas.
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